About Us

Vertex was established in 1998 to support buying operations of textiles goods from pakistan by foreign customers. We have had very good connections in the textile industry over the years, and with good experience and reliable back-up support back-up we felt we can make a difference.

Vertex has since made good progress to develop clientele in almost all major commercial centres of the world. Vertex caters to both the institutional textiles and retail textiles. Our product lines include:

1)    Terry towelling.
2)    Fabrics: sheeting and apparel.
3)    Made ups in bed, bath and kitchen linens.
4)    Cabinet roller towels.
5)    Cotton thermal blankets.
6)    Textiles & apparels for healthcare and hospitality sector.
7)    Promotional textiles.

We can offer widest possible range in each of the above proudct lines based on the collection that has been developed over the years and constant market update with regards to products we deal in.

We have contributed immensely to the success of our customers abroad by giving them the best of products and services. We keep on trying to offer better and improved products alongwith prompt services to keep our customers satisfied. Most of the customers we are working with now are customers for many years. We would like to be known as a reliable partner in pakistan. Vertex is a family oriented company hence the commitment to developing long term relationships.

The core policy of the company is:

  • Commitment to fair trade & honest dealings.
  • Compromise to people attitude is acceptable but compromise to quality is just not acceptable.
  • Developing long term relationship by trying to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen.